hughes-center-boulevardJohn E. Hughes (1870-1922)

John E. Hughes, a successful businessman in Pittsylvania County, directed in his will that his home, farm and the bulk of his estate be used to establish an orphanage. When he passed away in 1922, his will provided the Hughes Memorial Home site the funds for construction of the facilities and an endowment to supply operating income.

Construction and opening of the Hughes Orphanage

The construction of the facility began in 1926 with the laying of the first cornerstone of the Administration Building. The Hughes Home opened as an orphanage in 1927 and grew to accommodate 116 children by 1931. The orphanage closed in 1982 and remained unused for many years.

Hughes Home leased and sold

In 1999, Presbyterian Homes & Family Services, Inc. leased the campus for five years and made more than $1,390,000 in renovations to the buildings. In October 2006, the Hughes Memorial Foundation sold 70 acres, including the buildings.